What we stand for


Our objective of ensuring consistency in the quality of our products and providing clients value for their investments has earned us a brand name in the West African sub-region.


To become the best grinding manufacturer on cost and quality in Africa and an environmental friendly and zero accident steel ball manufacturing firm


Best Quality , Lower Cost,On Time Delivery,Pollution Prevention ,Legal Compliance,ISO 14001, 9001 & OHSAS 18001 Compliance,Human Resources Development ,Continual Improvement

Our Policies

Our policies on health ,saftey ,enviroment , human rights , ccorporate social resonsibility and code of conduct


To ensure that healthy working conditions are maintained at all times.


To ensure that work activities do not adversely affect the safety of employees or anybody else


Environmental procedures describe how Environmental objectives and targets are set and monitored.

Human Rights

The Policy is derived from the vision, mission and values which encapsulate the following principles by which Employees are to be guided.


WAFOR is committed to the integration of its business values and operations to meet the expectations of its investors, employees and the environment.

Code of conduct

WAFOR is committed to building a business on an ethical culture where all employees demonstrate ethics related actions in the workplace.

Our Policies

Our Policies level of effectiveness.









Why People buy from us?

Our location

Our location in Ghana means nearness to you by air, land and sea

We offer scrap for credits to our local clients – we can give you scrap credits
Quality and price – WAFOR is able to translate our efficiency and competitiveness into price and quality for the benefit of our clients
By buying from WAFOR, our local clients at thr same time would be complying with the Local Content Bill of the Mining and Minerals Act

Our Partners

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